Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Outdoor Learning at SEA

At SEA, we view the outdoors as the world's largest classroom and students can frequently be found outdoors exploring, investigating and seeking answers to questions.  The Minnesota Department of Education's Science standards provide the perfect avenue to pair outdoor learning with standards-based instruction; however, our students are not limited to only learning about science.  We integrate language arts, social studies, math and so much more into our outdoor instruction.

Because we are often outside for learning, please make sure your SEA student is always prepared for this.  Outdoor learning is not necessarily active movements like recess, rather students are often silent and observing keeping their bodies still.  Because of this, they need to make sure they have warmer clothing than they might need for recess.  It is very helpful too when the students' names are in their outerwear as during these times when weather is variable, the layers are on and off frequently and sometimes are left behind.

Should you have any questions about how we utilize outdoor learning at SEA, please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Rieckenberg at