Monday, November 21, 2016

Awesome Shoparoo Opportunity for this weekend!

The holidays are officially upon us, with #BlackFriday madness kicking off this week. On top of all the big discounts that stores are offering, how about a nice Roo Point bonus from Shoparoo?

Submit your receipts this week within 2 HOURS of purchase for chances to win one of three BIG giveaway prizes for your school! (As always, all qualifying receipts count: grocery, electronics, clothing, hardware, restaurant, fast food, café, convenience, beauty, you name it.)

** 1st Prize: 5,000 Roo Points **
** 2nd Prize: 2,500 Roo Points **
** 3rd Prize: 1,000 Roo Points **

Our #BlackFridayGiveaway runs all the way through Sunday 11/27, so don't forget to snap 'em quick this week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Give to the Max Day!

SEA Families and Staff,

Tomorrow is Give to the Max Day with Give to the Max day is Minnesota's annual charitable giving event. In its seventh year and is a fantastic way for schools and non-profit organizations to raise lots of money for their causes. Last year the SEA PTA received just over $1000 in donations from donors! 

If you are looking for a simple way to support SEA, click on the link below to get more information about Give to the Max Day.

Giving is EASY! Go to the SEA PTA Give to the Max Day webpage listed below and enter the amount you wish to donate. Minimum donation is $10.00. If you think you will forget to give tomorrow, click on the link today and plan your donation.

If you have any questions regarding Give to the Max Day please contact the SEA PTA via email at

By working together we can raise the extra funds that allow SEA to continue to be the best school for our children!

Thank you,

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Easy Fundraising for SEA

Are you an Amazon online shopper?  Did you know you can support SEA with every Amazon purchase made?  Just choose SEA as a benefactor for your purchases and use the website and SEA receives a small percentage of each purchase.  Easy peasy!  Follow the link below to sign up!
#StartWithaSmile at for your holiday gifts and Amazon donates to School of Engineering and Arts PTA

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Construction at SEA

Currently, SEA is under construction as we are adding two classrooms and two mechanical rooms in the north east corner of the building.

We can expect the following:

  • The construction will be fenced off and secured for safety.
  • Construction work will happen during the school hours and evenings from September through March.
It is never ideal to have construction happening during the school hours but we will make the best of it.  Thank you in advance for your patience and acceptance of the work happening.  The end result will be worth it.

As always, should you have any questions, please contact me.  
Principal Hanson

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ask a Parent Educator!

Image result for robbinsdale early childhood
School Age
How can I encourage learning in everyday life?
·      Read to your child daily, even when they’re fluent.
·      Talk about the stories you read together.  What do you think will happen next?  How does the character feel?
·      Play “I Spy” during car rides.
·      Create special quiet reading times and places.
·      Visit the library every two weeks. 
·      Share ideas for books and magazines your children might  enjoy, but let them make their own choices.
·      Declare a family game night.  Include pizza!
Birth to Preschool
What can I do to prepare my child for kindergarten?
Babies:   Read, sing, cuddle, dance, read some more. Daily.
1 year:    Talk about what you’re doing together. And read.
2 years:  Provide washable markers for scribbling.  And don’t forget to read.
3 years:  Catch them doing it right. “Thank you for waiting.” Read books about feelings.
4 years:  Provide structured peer group experiences with adults other than yourself. Keep reading.  Every day.
5 years:  Write out stories your child dictates to you.  Have  your child write his/her name on the story. Tell your child fun stories about when you were 5.  READ!

Monday, October 17, 2016

SEA Dance Coming Up!

Friday, November 4th
Sandburg Learning Center
2400 Sandburg Lane

The SEA PTA is excited to host the 5th annual dance party at Sandburg Learning Center. SEA students, their families and SEA staff are invited to dance the night away and get photos taken with family and friends.  This is a FREE event for all, but there will be snacks, beverages and glow items available for purchase.  
**All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Support SEA with purchases through Amazon

Did you know that School of Engineering and Arts PTA has a unique AmazonSmile link that makes it easier for people to find and support your organization?

What is my organization's unique link?

What does my unique link do?
When customers click on your organization's unique link, they skip the process to search for a charity to support among over 1 million eligible charities. Instead, they're taken and are automatically asked if they want to support School of Engineering and Arts PTA.

Can I just tell supporters to search for my charity at
Yes. However, that makes it harder for your supporters to find and select your organization. There are over 1 million eligible charities, and customers may end up picking a different organization during the selection process. Sharing your charity link increases the likelihood that customers will select your charity before they start shopping.

Do my supporters have to click on my charity's AmazonSmile link every time they shop?
No. Once customers select your organization, you will receive 0.5% of the price of all their eligible purchases, regardless of whether they use your unique AmazonSmile link to return to the site. However, we recommend that you ask your supporters to bookmark and use your link so they don't accidentally shop at instead Only purchases made at are eligible for donations.

What do customers that have already selected a charity see when they click on my organization's unique link?
If someone is already supporting your organization and they click on your unique link, they will simply be taken to so they can start shopping. They do not have to re-select your charity. If someone supporting a different charity clicks on your charity link, they are asked if they'd like to switch to support your organization.

How can I share my charity's unique AmazonSmile link with supporters?
Share your unique link on your website, in email, and on social media.

Where can I find my unique link if I forget it in the future?
You can find your unique link on the Marketing Tools page at You'll also find other helpful marketing tools including an online banner and social media tools.

If you have any questions about your organization's unique AmazonSmile link, please contact us. Thank you. 

A note from the PTA regarding School Directories

October 10, 2016

Dear SEA Families,
This is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of being a part of our Fun2Raise SEA 2016/2017 all school directory. This is not to be missed!!

The value to you as a parent and business is Priceless! Our close knit school community is a perfect audience for your marketing message.  You increase your visibility, while supporting the school and enhancing our children’s future.
Once again this all school directory will contain all of our school family information, classes and teacher information, while promoting community sponsors like you.

Due to popular demand at this point spaces are limited. However, if you or anyone you know would like to place an ad in the SEA 2016/2017 directory that will be distributed for free to every parent and teacher in our school, please email Jodi Rankin at You may also reach her directly at 952-641-7100 x 101.  She will walk you through the process and help you choose a message or an offer that will generate business for you and money for our school.

The SEA Fun2Raise directories will be released in early November.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Now Taking Orders for SEA Clothing!

SEA PTA, along with Letterman Sports, is proud to announce that we are now taking orders for SEA clothing!  Click on this link to place your order: Live Ordering Link:  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

SEA Spirit Wear Coming Soon!

We are getting ready to introduce the SEA logo clothing items, for fall.  Back, by popular demand will be the adult’s zip up black jacket.  We’ll also have some new items for kids and adults.  Please watch the SEA blog and the upcoming Thursday folder, for more information.  This will be an online ordering process, and items will be available before winter break.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Computer Coding and Programming

Our first grade students have already started learning how to Code using the iPad App, Scratch Jr. If you have an iPad or iPhone at home, upload the app and have students teach you how to use this great critical thinking program.  Scratch Jr. is appropriate for K-2.  Another program that is similar but a bit more challenging is Scratch. This is a web based program and can be found at  Scratch is appropriate for K-1 who have coding experience and 2-5 for rookie programmers.  We'll continue to expose students to different coding and programming opportunities throughout the year.

Outdoor Learning at SEA

At SEA, we view the outdoors as the world's largest classroom and students can frequently be found outdoors exploring, investigating and seeking answers to questions.  The Minnesota Department of Education's Science standards provide the perfect avenue to pair outdoor learning with standards-based instruction; however, our students are not limited to only learning about science.  We integrate language arts, social studies, math and so much more into our outdoor instruction.

Because we are often outside for learning, please make sure your SEA student is always prepared for this.  Outdoor learning is not necessarily active movements like recess, rather students are often silent and observing keeping their bodies still.  Because of this, they need to make sure they have warmer clothing than they might need for recess.  It is very helpful too when the students' names are in their outerwear as during these times when weather is variable, the layers are on and off frequently and sometimes are left behind.

Should you have any questions about how we utilize outdoor learning at SEA, please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Rieckenberg at

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Box Tops Bonus App

Did you know that there is now a Box Top App??  You can choose SEA and then scan in box top products.  When you do this, SEA receives 20 cents per top in the app.  AND then you can still SEND IN the Box Top to school to earn us 10 cents per top.  So instead of SEA earning just 10 cents per box top, we receive 30 cents per box top!  

Check out the Box Top App here:

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment 2017 Dates for SEA

The 2017 dates for our students to take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) have been scheduled.  Please schedule any vacations, doctor appointments, or any other reason to miss school around these dates.  Thank you.

April 19 & 20                MCA Math  Grades 3-5
April 25, 26, & 27          MCA Reading Grade 3-5
May 3 & 4                    MCA Science 5th Grade Only 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Are you a Facebook User? Be sure to follow SEA!

Our SEA Facebook page receives the most frequent updates.  Be sure to Like us and change your settings in the 'Like' tab to make sure our updates pop up into your FB feed!  Below is a picture of what the setting should be in order for this to happen.

Monday, August 8, 2016

SEA 2nd Graders Heading to Como Zoo for a Week of Experiential Learning

Exciting news for our incoming 2nd grade students! SEA has been awarded a grant for a Como Zoo Residency program! What does this mean?? It means that each of our 2nd grade classes will spend a week at Como Zoo learning through true experiential experiences all within the context of the Zoo! A BIG bus will pick kids up each morning and take them to the zoo and will bring them right back to SEA in time to catch their bus home. More information will be sent home as it becomes available, but we were SO excited, we just had to share the awesome news! P.S. You can check out some of our SEA kiddos from 2 years ago on the Como Zoo Residency website - slide #4.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome to the SEA News and Updates Blog!
Our SEA Newsletter has now officially become a blog!  In discussing with parents at PTA meetings and other school functions, there was a definite call for an electronic newsletter as well as a location parents can search for past Electronic Backpack forms.  This SEA News and Updates Blog will be that location!  Please keep an eye on this blog for updates as we prepare for the 2016-2017 school year.  Looking forward to continue our work with your children and a fantastic upcoming school year.